Super Human Rock Nia in Missoula

-- a Nia Playshop
June 16, 2013--
2:00pm - 4:00pm

at Downtown Dance Collective
121 West Main St.

Missoula, MT

 Experience the Nia routine, ROCKIN' and learn some incredible secrets about the strength in your body with JAG & River.

This playshop will be instructional as well as practical.
You may be leaving some power on the table.

I'm going to teach some things you can do with your body to become instantly stronger.  Employing these little tricks can turn your human strength into Super Human strength. This isn't developing strength, although it will help with that, but this is accessing instantaneous strength that you haven't been using until now.

In this playshop I will teach you how to do movements you never knew you were strong enough to do. Then, we will put what we learned into action in a Classic Rock Nia Class. The movements of the routine will be classic Nia and we'll sweat to some good old rock 'n roll songs from artists such as The Doors, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and Steppenwolf.

Join us for this fun and enlightening evening of finding your own intrinsic power. No previous Nia experience is needed, but if you've never done Nia before be prepared to be completely blown away by this experience. (just joking, a little bit). Super Human Rock Nia will be about accessing your strength as you are Right Now. It doesn't matter your current level of fitness. Just jump right in!

Cost: $25 pre-registration or $30 at the door
Contact Maggie Schlarb to pre-register:

For further information, your local contact is Maggie at 406-552-2663
Or if you have questions regarding the content of the playshop, you can reach JAG at

Space is limited. Reserve your spot soon!


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