How Does the Potato Chip Stack Up?

Yesterday, I re-tested cheese and chocolate. This morning, my weight was almost a whole pound lower than the day before, which is very significant, considering how little body fat I have now.

So I’m comfortable and confidently shifting cheese and chocolate over to the friendly list. By the way, I also had two handfuls of unsalted potato chips, so they can be considered friendly as well.
What really makes standard potato chips an unhealthy choice is the high levels of salt. Taken in moderation, unsalted potato chips can not only be allowed in my diet, but they can be a good source of potassium. Of course, they are a fried food and bringing any fat to such a high heat will change its molecular structure into an unsafe one, but the key here is in moderation and especially in avoiding salt, which will only exacerbate any inflammation caused.

Since I had a handful for a snack between lunch and dinner and then another handful with dinner, and I still registered an amazing weight loss, I can be sure that I’m safe adding this snack into my lifestyle. On the downside, I’m not a huge fan of unsalted potato chips, so I’ll take this information with a grain of salt. (hehe no pun intended) In fact, after having my potato chip snack yesterday, I felt totally unsatisfied. When I make a snack of a handful of almonds or carrots and hummus, I feel sated, but an hour after eating the chips, I was hungry again.

My test for today is bread.  For lunch I’ll make an open faced sandwich using one slice of bread, and the rest of my day will only be comprised of tested, friendly foods. I was careful to choose a bread that only contained rye and wheat flour. Many breads contain other grains and each grain would be considered a separate test. So if I chose a multigrain bread and I was reactive to it, it wouldn’t tell me which grain I reacted to. In the interest of learning, I am sticking to a basic, white bread.

I made a delicious sandwich of goat cheese, zucchini slices, avocado and some seaweed sprinkled on top. I had that with a bowl of vegetable soup with a handful of pumpkin seeds. It was a satisfying lunch and, even two hours later, I never felt sleepy or had any ill effects.  So I’m feeling good about it. Of course, tomorrow on the scale will be the real indicator.

Today I’ll attempt a bit of light exercise; certainly not enough to cause any inflammation response. And tonight for dinner I’ll have a simple chicken breast surrounded by veggies I’ve tested.


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