Protein Surprise

Surprisingly, I was up 0.4 pound this morning. So the only explanation can be the fact that I had two different types of animal protein: chicken with lunch and beef with dinner. I guess the lesson is that for the maximum efficiency of digestion and assimilation, it’s best for me to stick to a single type and perhaps even a single serving of animal protein each day. I haven’t tested the results of having chicken for lunch AND dinner, for example.  That might yield different results.

This is big news and something that will change my habits if I choose to implement it. (And I don’t have a valid reason why I wouldn’t implement it, except that its not something I’m used to). The whole purpose of doing this experiment was to learn about how my body reacts to certain foods, so it would be silly of me to learn something like this and then not act on it. I am used to working all of my meals around an animal protein source.  But now I’ve learned that it isn’t the way to get the most out of my diet, so I’ll be cognizant of this going forward and stick to mainly vegetable proteins for two of my three meals each day. 

Today I’ll stick to only friendly, tested foods and tomorrow I’ll try another test. I was going to have my roast beef today, but now that my body is in a state of reactivity, I think I should give it a day to calm down before throwing in another variable.

So, back to carrots, nuts and seeds for now. And only one serving of animal protein.


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