Rice Cereal, Eggs and Nia: All Prove Friendly

Yesterday was a day of friendly foods and a new rice cereal and I got a bit more vigorous and added a bit more time on my aerobic activity. Still, I’m back to losing weight this morning. I’m not too surprised, but you never know what a different process can do to the chemical make up of a grain, so I was prepared for anything, but I’m delighted to have the rice cereal as a friendly choice for breakfast. It was good.

And obviously there’s nothing inflammatory about the level of exercise I was using, so I can increase it again and see what happens. Today I’ve had about two hours of moderate aerobic exercise as I worked on putting together my newly expanded 90 minute ROCKIN Nia routine, so I hope it won’t cause any undue inflammation. I never felt strained or out of breath, it was all very under control, but I did get a little sweaty. I drank an extra 8 ounces of water to compensate for the water loss.

And since I’m back to losing weight, I’m free to make another high risk test today.

So this morning, I had some eggs for breakfast. Two eggs, fried in butter sprinkled with kelp and herbs with a side of pears sprinkled with cinnamon. Then, for the rest of the day I stuck to all familiar, friendly foods.

The only other variable that came up today was that I was unable to have my dinner at the usual time. It was delayed by about an hour and a half, so I found that I was finishing up my dinner, and my chocolate for dessert, at around 9pm instead of my usual 7:30 deadline. I’m not sure if that’s going to impact my results, but it seems like it would.


I woke up this morning and weighed in with a 0.2 pound loss. So I guess that clears fried eggs over onto the friendly list. It’s not a huge weight loss, but at least it’s going in the right direction. And as I keep saying, but one of these days it has to be true: I shouldn’t be expecting much more weight loss as I feel like I’m at a good, healthy weight right now. I’m 47 years old next month and I weigh less than I’ve ever been in the past thirty years and I’m happy with that. 

So today I plan to stick to friendly foods and test some more strenuous exercise for reactivity. I’ll do some strength training this time. Again, I’m going to go very moderate at first, but I do want to work hard enough to break a little sweat and to get that good familiar ‘pumped up’ feeling that we get when we tax our muscles.

After a day of eating all tested and friendly foods, if I’m up in weight in the morning then I know it was the exercise that caused it.

I’m going to have my brown rice cereal for breakfast this morning. Even though I’m very excited about being able to add eggs to my friendly diet, I think it’s a good idea to keep mixing things up. I’ll try not to have the same meal two days in a row. I understand that the body adapts to things very readily; even friendly foods eaten too frequently can ‘turn on me’. So for now, I’ll just put eggs on a rotation with some of the other breakfasts I have determined to be friendly.


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