Exercise Exonerated

This morning, I woke up and my temperature was 97! I was thrilled to see that number since it was the lowest temperature I was allowed to go before being alerted to do something about it.

Since I had fallen well below that marker, I had purchased a B-12 supplement, but I’m not really a supplement-taking type of person, so I kept forgetting to take it. I took it yesterday and the day before, though, and lo and behold, my body temp went up.

(Excuse me, I’m going to take it again right now while I’m thinking of it.)

I’m taking NOW Ultra B-12. The label cracks me up because it says it contains 83,333% of the RDA of B-12.  Seems like a bit of overkill to me, but it also seems to be working so I’m going along with it for now. It doesn’t taste bad.

It says it has three forms of B-12; as cyanocobalamin and in co-enzyme form as methylcobalamin and dibencozide. MMMmmmmmmm!

So, yesterday I stuck to a friendly diet and I did replicate the same exercises I did on “bread day” and since I did lose weight over night, I’m confident in saying it was the bread that caused me all that weight gain.

Now I suppose some people might want to ask the question, “what is it about the bread that is the culprit?” And I’ve already had friends suggest alternative types of bread, with spelt flour or with gluten free wheat flour, etc.  but for me it’s not really an issue. I never liked bread that much in the first place, and tended not to eat it anyway, so I wouldn’t miss it if I never had it again. It is very interesting to me, though, and I’m glad to learn that having a single piece of whole wheat bread can cause me to gain almost a full pound. It really makes me think about people who have sandwiches for lunch every day.

Tonight I’ll be testing tomatoes. I’ll start small, with a single plum tomato with dinner and in the morning, the scale will let me know if they pass or fail.

One really interesting and unexpected thing that I’m learning from doing this is that I can eat bread if I want to. Even if I want to lose weight, or not gain weight, I can have bread. As long as the next day I don’t have anything that causes inflammation, I can not only recover from the bread, but continue my weight loss.

So, in the end, I’m discovering that I can still have offending foods, without suffering long term consequences.  As long as I don’t do it every day, and I’m careful about what I eat on a regular basis. If I make my standard, staple diet balance and comprised of friendly foods, then whenever I decide to have an inflammatory food, the damage is minimal.

So the real concern becomes discerning “which foods do I eat daily and which foods do I use occasionally?”  The longer I continue this experiment, the more foods I can place into one list or the other.


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