Scallops Make Waves

This morning I weighed in and was back on my weight loss kick. My body weight shot back down to lower than it was before I ate the bread. 

In all fairness, before I jump to conclusions, I wonder if the exercise, as light as it was, might still have had some effect on the inflammation. I can’t ignore the fact that the only day that I showed any significant weight gain since starting to measure was also the only day I did any exercise. 

I happened to eat the slice of bread on the same day. So, I’m going to retest the exercise, on a friendly-food only day and hopefully rule it out as a cause of the weight gain.

Today I’m testing scallops. I don’t really like nor dislike scallops, but I chose them because they’re a seafood and I’m trying to get iodine into my life. Since I’m not much of a fan of most sources, I’m looking around for new ones I can get into. Hence testing scallops for reactivity.

Unfortunately, I think I pulled a bone head move and I bought bay scallops instead of sea scallops. I actually didn’t know there was a difference (I’m not a big scallops guy), I just bought scallops. It wasn’t until I was online, looking up ways to prepare them, that I discovered what I had. So now, I wonder if these aren’t as high in iodine as the ones from the sea. Oh well, I’ll try them and see if I like them and if they like me. And if it’s a mutual yes then I can try the sea scallops next time.


Well, the next morning the scale showed a weight gain of 0.4 pounds. This would indicate a mild reactivity to scallops. So for now, I guess I’ll leave scallops off the friendly list and maybe test them again in the future. They were good, but nothing that I’d miss if I never had again. 

The only thing that disturbs me about this news is that I was hoping to find a nice, delicious and friendly source of iodine. Scallops are delicious and a good source of iodine, but unfortunately, unfriendly to me. And in this case, 2 out of 3 isn’t enough.

So I’m going to have a friendly day, today, with a bit of light exercise: exactly like I did on Day 8.

In the morning, I suspect I will register another weight loss, thereby acquitting the exercise from culpability for that day’s weight gain and putting all of the blame squarely onto the wheat bread.


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