A Little More North Carolina

This was gig added at a later date and not on the original plan. But my friend and colleague, Kate Finlayson found out I was coming through her town and asked if I could fit in a gig at Joy of Movement studio in Pittsboro, NC.

I had originally had a class set up at a fitness facility that later had second thoughts about allowing River in. So we cancelled that date. It worked out perfectly because I was able to give it to Kate.

River and I stopped to play in a park on the way out of Rock Hill, South Carolina.

I miscalculated how long it would take, with traffic to get to the motel. I was again afraid I was going to be late to class. I'm usually good at not getting myself into these jams, but for some reason, I've been caught off guard by ridiculous traffic conditions lately.

I got to the motel and quickly took the fastest shower I could, shaved, and put in my contacts and got immediately back in the car and headed to the studio.

Turns out I made it in plenty of time. The studio was beautiful and the class was wonderful. We had 13 shimmering brilliant artists sharing their art.

After class a bunch of us went out to dinner at Roadhouse and I had a salad with some fried pork belly and pickled watermelon rind, and some traditional North Carolina pulled pork and slaw, and pecan pie for dessert.

River made friends all over the place, as he tends to do.

River at Roadhouse in Pittsboro, NC

The next morning, I finally left the Carolinas. But not before passing through some serious bible country on my way out. I didn't get as far as Asheland, which I hear is supposed to be really nice and i might have to do on another trip to this area. But I went as far as Winston-Salem before heading north into Virginia.

I checked into a motel in Roanoke so I could rest up. I caught up on my blogging and will do some laundry and go to bed early. Tomorrow I hope to explore the Blue Ridge Parkway.


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