South and North Carolinas

I woke up in Tucker and was shocked when I took River out for his morning walk and saw Georgia in the parking lot. It looked like a totally different color. I thought I saw it as green; almost like slate. In the dark of the night before it looked very dark grey.

It was going to be another epic day. My third in a row.

This day was all orchestrated by Sherrie Flack. She rented a gorgeous ballroom in Fort Mill, South Carolina and attracted a shimmering group that really got into the wearing of the metallic clothes.

The class was brilliant and we all had a blast.

Then many of us caravanned over to Gail Coplin's house for a pot luck lunch. After lunch, I led a two hour 8BC barring workshop for seven ladies. I felt really good about the progress we made; it seemed like everyone left with a lot more clarity on the practice. And then, I had about three hours until teaching another class at a yoga studio in North Carolina. I went back to my room and napped for about twenty minutes and then showered and headed for the studio.

I hit some horrendous traffic on the way through Charlotte and ended up cutting my arrival very close. I had to break a few traffic laws to be able to walk into the studio at five minutes before the scheduled class starting time. It's amazing what can be accomplished in short amount of time when we really focus on it. I put up River's crate, set up my music and changed into my costume and started the class.

It was a lot of people in a small room and we had so much vibration of radiance going on that the room was going to burst.

Sherrie was a fan of taking pictures before class. And they do come out lovely, There's a sense of anticipation and mystery about them. But I prefer the feelings that come from a picture taken after class, when everyone is sweaty and glowing and shining from the experience.

After class, I met Mary Martin, a student from the morning's class, at a pizza place and we had a pizza and salad together and chatted; mostly about Nia and dogs and traveling.

Unbeknownst to us, tonight was a benefit night for the local humane society so every table had a dog at it and there was a group of about five dogs all gathering in front, either getting ready to leave or arriving. River was interested, but didn't display anything untoward, so I was proud of him.

Toward the end of the evening, a stranger came up to River and intended to step over him to get to an opening in the patio enclosure. He tripped over River's leash and spooked River, who responded by barking at him and then running to me. No harm was done, but I couldn't believe the man would attempt to crawl over a strange dog.

Once again it was pretty late before I got back to the room and into bed.


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