Santa Monica and Las Vegas

Today we went from Hollywood to Las Vegas. After yesterday’s adventure on Hollywood Blvd. I  decided River didn’t need to see the Vegas strip; although, after Hollywood Blvd, it seemed tame. At least from the car. Perhaps being in the middle of the crowds would offer a different perspective.

Before leaving LA, we stopped in Santa Monica. I didn’t realize that Santa Monica Blvd was the old Route 66. I guess it would be the western-most stretch? 

Anyway, I stopped at a studio there and taught a little mini workshop on the Five Sensations of Fitness. It was interesting and fun to share the concepts of Flexibility, Agility, Mobility, Strength and Stability. There was an issue with the clock on the wall. It kept stopping, so I kept thinking I had more time that I really did. I found that I had to cut myself short toward the end. 

But soon we were off in Goldfinger land and all was good with the world. It was a packed room of 30 and each one of them was full of passion and celebration. It was a palpable energy in that room. By the end of the class, I was so heated up that I had to unbutton my vest. (and you know how shy I am about that kind of thing). :)

I think I mentioned before, when walking through Hollywood, I was surprised at how familiar it all was and how many memories the place holds for me. Interestingly enough, in class this morning, I recognized quite a few people that I didn’t expect to see. It was amazing how welcomed and at home I felt the whole time I was there.

We chatted for a little bit after class, but then River and I got back in the car and headed for Vegas.

Along the way, I stopped for gas and saw a car that made me drool. An orange Lotus.
Tygart's Lotus

I walked up to the guy and asked, “Want to trade?” Indicating our cars. He laughed. He asked about Washington when he saw my plates. He had Florida plates and told me he was on his way to Seattle to investigate the possibility of living there. I explained how different the weather was from Florida, and he seemed to like that. I told him it was beautiful and he’d probably love it.

He asked where I was going and I told him Las Vegas. He said he just came from there and that I was almost there. I said, “Well, according to my navigation, I have about two hours to go.” He looked puzzled for a second, but then I asked him if he liked to speed. (I figured considering his car, it was a safe bet) “Yes,” he said, “but not so much on the busy highways. But I went through Colorado and Utah and never went under 100 MPH”. I laughed and indicated Thumper and said, “well in THAT, it takes two hours.” I don’t speed. 

I couldn’t imagine traveling in that car, though. No back seat. No trunk. He had a bag of stuff in the passenger seat and that’s all. I felt like a pack rat in comparison.

We got to Las Vegas and didn't see much of note on the way. Pretty dull. Straight desert roads. When we got to the room, I ordered some Thai food to pick up and bring back to the room. I went to bed early.
River's POV
Here is a map of states we've covered so far on this trip:
The odometer on Thumper just rolled over 23,000.
On this trip, we've gone about 2,300 miles so far.
I'm getting 30.7 MPG

One thing I'm not pleased with about the car is the sun roof. I wish I didn't get it. I am tired of the sun always beating on my head. I'd like a little break from it on those long trips through the desert.


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