I don't know what it is about Houston or Mini Nav, but they don't get along. As far as Thumper is concerned, NiaMoves does not exist, nor does the entire street that it's on. Also, the street that the Motel 6 was on is not an option in my Mini Nav. Fortunately I had Siri and I can use my iPhone to get around Houston.

The Motel 6 had a giant lawn area that River loved to explore. I let him run around out there as long as he wanted to. And eventually he led us out to the parking lot. I remembered that it was the last time we were in Houston that we discovered the very sharp burrs that are in Texas wild grass, so I steered him back to the big lawn. He seemed over the lawn, so I guided him to the other side of the
building where our room was.

I got up early for an 8am class that was a great way to start the day. We had maybe 20 people in class And three of them were fairly new, so I'm glad it all went well and people seemed to be enjoying it.

The highlight of my day was my friend, Georgia Lister, presenting me with a cooler full of food that she lovingly made in her kitchen. She kept in mind the preference I have for wholesome foods and gave me some delicious sweet potato sausage hash, some thai curry slaw, some orange chicken and some cashew bread! I went back to my motel room to shower and immediately threw some of that sweet potato hash into the microwave. And for dinner tonight, I'll have orange chicken.

Texas is big, y'all! I spent a week here and didn't even touch the west. When I think about Amarillo to Corpus Christi and from El Paso to Beaumont, it's staggering. It's as big as four normal states. During my travels through the state, near La Vernia, I reached 4000 miles on this trip. Now, leaving Houston it looks like it will get me just short of rolling over to 5000 already. It won't happen in Texas, but it looks like it'll happen just as I'm leaving New Orleans tomorrow.

Here's what we've done so far this trip:


Jessica Trapp said…
Sorry I missed the class. Looks like you had a great time.

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