Crater Lake to Santa Rosa

The final destination for the day was about six hours south, in Santa Rosa. Six hours is pretty much our maximum driving day, but we took off going north to get a closer look at Crater Lake. So many people had such good things to say about it, I didn’t want to be so close and not see it.

It turns out, the roads weren’t quite open all the way and we couldn’t see the lake, but we did get to see some beautiful snow-covered trees and mountains on our drive.

The drive on I-5 was more scenic than I remembered. Lots of trees. I guess I’m used to the part of I-5 between Davis and LA, which is not scenic at all (unless you're into fields). But the last hour or so of the trip into Santa Rosa was on California State Highway 20. And it was one of the longest, twistiest roads I can remember being on. River was getting quite a workout, trying to adjust for each turn. After about 45 minutes, I thought I was going to become nauseated (I never did).

Dinner was a chopped cauliflower and beet greens cooked in cumin, cinnamon and cayenne with butter and sesame seeds and a salad with mixed greens, jalapeno cheese, cucumber and pumpkin seeds.


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