Thumper and Georgia

It had been on my mind for a while. I was unhappy with the moon roof in Thumper. It was glass and didn't block the sun from beating down on my head. There was no relief from relentless UV rays on the top of my head. After a couple of hours of midday driving, I could feel a burning sensation on my exposed skin.

So I knew I was going to trade it in for a new one, or get it fixed with a decal. I wasn't fond of the decal idea because then I have a defaced moon roof. I thought it made more sense to just get a hard top.

Once I set my mind on something I like to act. I don't like to wait. I had all day to go just about three hours to my next destination and no classes to teach until the following morning. So I stopped into the local Mini dealership to inquire about what my situation would be and my options on inventory and leasing over buying, etc.

To make a long story short, I traded cars.
Thumper (on the left) staying in Altanta.
Georgia (on the right) is coming with me.

River hopped right in before I was even ready to go.

River seemed to be having a great day at Mini of Atlanta

I'll miss some things about Thumper. He had keyless entry and automatic locking and tinted windows. I loved the unique color and the contrast with the white stripes.

I'm surprised at how differently the two cars handle and feel. It took some getting used to when I first got into the new car. I decided I wanted to name the car after the experience of buying it. (Technically I'm leasing it) Because it felt so much more delicate and than Thumper, I thought that I might give it a girl's name. I was joking with Ric, the Mini dealer, that I might name it Julie. But it didn't actually feel right.

It came to me that I could name the car after the experience of buying it and give it a girls name by naming it after the state I bought it in. Georgia.

She's a 2014 Countryman S with the John Cooper Trim. In Royal Grey with two black stripes on the bonnet. The interior is all black and the roof is a soft plush material, so it has a cozy feel. The big difference for me is the navigation system. Georgia didn't come with factory navigation, so I had to get dealer add-on navigation. At first I thought I was disappointed in it, but the more I started working with it, the more I think I might actually like it better. I just wish it wasn't installed right behind the steering wheel, so I could see the whole screen at once and punch numbers in without twisting up my arms.

Ironically, as I was driving away, safe from the beating down afternoon sun, it was late in the afternoon and the sun was hitting me in the back of the head through Georgia's untinted windows. I hadn't thought to consider how much I liked having the windows tinted. It will have to be something I take care of soon.


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