San Antonio

The drive from Austin to San Antonio is a short one if the most direct route is taken. And I had nothing to do this day, so I set my navigation to take me on back roads and avoid highways. We took a nice, long drive with lots of stops.
Welcome to San Antonio

Getting into San Antonio I was struck by how historic the town is; like a classic mission town, steeped in its Mexican history. I felt like I was entering Mexico with all the taco stands and the billboards in Spanish. Whereas yesterday, in Austin, I woke up to the smell of bacon, here in San Antonio is was taquitos filling the morning air.

And in the middle of all of this pastiche was a place called The Pearl. A post-modern retail development with an industrial look that houses a culinary school and a restaurant, many office spaces and the Synergy Studio, where I brought my Goldfinger routine. I wish I had thought to take a picture of it. What impressed me was how nondescript everything was. There was no signage or words of any kind. It felt like standing among giant corrugated steel barrels. It was one of the coolest business parks I've ever seen.

I didn't count bodies, but it felt like a good number. Let's say 13 crystal geniuses were in class. What I did feel was the vibration we created. I asked these Nia lovers to shimmer and radiate and boy did they! They sparkled with such brilliance that could feel the energy moving me; they were exciting me.

After class, Adelle Brewer took Joanie Brooks and River and me to a yummy breakfast in The Pearl.

After breakfast, the women went on their way and River and I stuck around The Pearl and explored the San Antonio River.

Finally, we got into the car and intended to take off for Corpus Christi. My navigation was still set to avoid highways so I thought I'd take the 'alternate route'. I like it because it takes me through towns and has more turns and intersections than the super highway. I love to feel like I'm participating in the drive, rather than just setting in motion and rolling straight away all day.

But then, before I could make it out, I ran into some construction detours that confused MiniNav and got me kinda lost in San Antonio. Serendipitously, it caused us to drive by a small park that caught both of our attention. We just had to stop and check it out.

I think I see the San Antonio River down there!!
that thing just poked me, act cool.


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