Northern California

Breakfast was a hard boiled egg and a grapefruit.
The ride from Santa Rosa to San Ramon took a lot longer than I thought it was going to. It was almost a two hour drive to the studio where I was to teach class. Thankfully it was a noon class and not 8:00 am.

We arrived at the space at 11:00am with an hour to kill. So we sat in the car and I was catching up on entering future addresses into my navigation system so when the time comes, I can just pull them up as prior destinations. It saves me a lot of hassle to do this when I have down time so I don’t have to do it as I’m trying to get going somewhere.

As I was doing this, I got a call from Sirius radio. I had not renewed my subscription because I found myself not listening to it that much. I preferred to drive in silence most of the time. So it wasn’t worth the $200 / year to renew it. But this call was to offer me a discounted renewal at $25 for the next six months. I agreed to that and signed up.

While we waited for the class time to approach, River and I explored the large lawn area in front of the business park that the studio was in. He rolled in the grass and sniffed a lot at the leaves and fluffy things that fell from the trees. We ran. It was the first full out run I let him do since the surgery. And this was one of those runs that it was almost hard for me to keep up with him. (I’m happy to report no mishaps or soreness afterward.)  He ate some grass, I think, because he kept hacking up dog foam.

But he was his usual stellar self in the studio during class. He slept and didn’t disturb anyone. 

Class was fantastic and every time I teach the routine I learn something new that’s in it. Today I enjoyed so much fun and playfulness in the floorplay section and  a whole new way to experience the spinal roll in all four directions.

Click here to read more about the class.
People along my journey are always asking me to lunch or dinner to suggesting I check out museums or theaters and things like this. I think they must assume I can leave River somewhere, or just forget that he’s with me. I appreciate it, but I feel bad at how many invitations I have to decline.
The drive home was a slight bit stressful in the beginning. I think I have my Mini set to avoid tolls, so it was going to take me a VERY LONG way out of the way and make me late for my appointment back in Santa Rosa. Luckily I had my iPhone and I asked Siri to give me directions. (At the time I didn’t realize what was going on with Thumper, or I would have just changed the setting.) Once Siri got me over the toll bridge, I switched back to my Mini Nav and made it home in time for my client.

We had a great session of mostly stretching; also he bought me dinner after our session. He offered to go out and get something from Chipotle and bring it back to the room.  Fortunately, I was able to accept his offer. Later in the evening, when I was hungry again, I had a bunch of celery with hummus and peanut butter. (no, not together. ew. I had some celery with hummus and some with peanut butter.)

I’ve hit over 1000 miles on this trip so far and well over 22, 000 on Thumper in total after having the car for about 13 months. I just got a notice that I’m due for my second scheduled maintenance, so I called around and found a fairly close Mini dealer with an opening tomorrow. I hope they can get Thumper all spruced up without taking up too much traveling time. Fortunately, I have nowhere I have to be tomorrow. My next scheduled stop is Los Angeles. I have to sleep there on Saturday night, so I can wake up for the class I teach in Santa Monica on Sunday morning.
River at our "home away from home"

We found this vintage Motel 6 sign in the rear of the parking lot


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