The sign, welcoming us to Alabama says, "Alabama the Beautiful."

And my first impression was that it was indeed beautiful, and it was also very humid and hot.

It is very peaceful, too. I feel a calmness in the air that slows me down a bit; it's nice. Even the speed limits on the streets and highways seem slower than average.

I found a farmers market and got some turnip greens and some tomatoes and cucumbers and strawberries. The greens farmer was talking my ear off about the nutrional value of the stems of the greens and various vegetables, and how his son grew the biggest pumpkin in the county this year. All the while with turnip greens in his teeth.

River got lots of loving attention at the market, and after shopping with me, I let him sniff around in the weeds behind the market before we took off for class.

Ann Caretti was the producer for my Goldfinger class at the Cullman Recreational Center, in Cullman Alabama, and her students were so lovely and came dressed in their day-glowiest neon outfits and introduced themselves by name in their Alabama drawl that I have a soft spot for. It was such fun to play with these women who hadn't ever really had much masculine energy in their Nia experience.   Ann remarked afterward that the class experience reminded her that she needed to add some of the masculine energy back into her classes.

After class a bunch of us all went to a local cafe for lunch. and coffee It was all very nice and peaceful and friendly. And none too rushed.

And it was hot. Even River, who until today had always pulled his head immediately in the window of the car once I reached above 35 mph. But I was going over 65 mph today and River was sitting up, next to the open window and taking in the 65 mph in small gulps. And then, once in a while, he'd really stick his head out there and try to take the air, but could never last very long out there and came back in a bit befuddled by the whole experience. 

I was out of my Dr. Bronner's soap and was on the lookout for opportunities to get some more. On the way out of Alabama, I saw a sign saying Health and Wellness, so I thought I'd give it a shot. As I was pulling into a parking lot in front of the store, the proprieter walks out his door and calls out to me, "Hi, Come in!"

We ended up chatting for a while. He likes the stuff but can't afford to sell it because all his profits are eaten up by the high shipping charges. He did reassure me that he didn't think around here anyone would notice that I wasn't using soap. We had a laugh and I drove off.


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