Blue Ridge Parkway

Yesterday, I made a special trip out of my way from Charlotte, NC to Richmond, VA all the way west to Roanoke, VA so that I could spend today cruising along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

I woke up early and gassed up. It was easy to follow signs in Roanoke to the entrance to the Blue Ridge Parkway. It is a special road around which the natural beauty has been carefully maintained. The speed limit is usually 45 MPH or less to encourage cruising and gawking. There were also viewpoint turnouts every few hundred feet and lots of people were biking or hiking along the road, giving it all a very casual atmosphere.
Our first stop was at a place over looking a railroad track. And as luck would have it, a train was going by just as we pulled up, so I let River watch it before we got out to play.

I left this video without much narration because I wanted to capture a bit of the peacefulness that this drive offered. It was the dictionary definition of bucolic splendor.

I didn't make it all the way through to the other end, because it was going to get me into Richmond too late. I like to try to avoid rush hour traffic. And to be honest, after two hours, I felt like I got the gist of this roadway, so I switched to the major highways the rest of the way in. :) I know I probably missed a lot of really cool stuff, but maybe I can come back and see more of the northern end some time.

I got into Richmond and checked into the motel with enough time to eat and rest and get to bed early for a class, early in the morning.


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