This is actually still the same day as Alabama, but a different state, so I made it a new post. I drove right from the class in Cullman, to the guy who didn't have any soap and from there on to Decatur, Georgia.

I lost an hour crossing over from Central to Eastern Time and barely made it to the Decatur Recreation Center in enough time to walk River in the park and eat some cashews and strawberries before class started. The traffic going through Atlanta was so incredibly slow, that I had to scrap my original plan of going to the motel room and showering and eating before class. Instead I drove directly from one class to the next.

Although I had rinsed my costume in the sink in Alabama, I didn't use soap (still hadn't found any) They were dry by the time I was putting them back on in the Decatur Rec Center restroom as I had laid them flat on the back platform in the car under the rear window. They dry quickly from the sun and the wind. But as I put them on, I was aware that they hadn't been washed. I put some essential oils on those puppies and went in smelling like a champ.

This was a seasoned group of Niaficionados under the long-time guidance of Sandy Bramlett, who has been teaching Nia longer than I have.

There was an interesting mirrored wall in this gorgeous, modern art type studio. It was many many small squares of mirrors with space in between them. Enough space between, but enough glass so that you could simultaneously see a reflection of the class and the activity in the street and in front of the library across the street. We did our class as the sun set in our eyes, adding to the wonderful brilliant fantasy of our crystal shimmering genius artistry.

It was very late by the time I finally checked into the motel room in Tucker, GA. An aptly named town for me to rest after this two-city, two-class day.


Anonymous said…
Don't worry--we didn't notice any odd smells. :D

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