Albany Double Header: Amazing and Woodstock

My host, Richele set up two classes for me while I was in Albany.

One of them was actually while she was teaching her Nia class at the local YMCA, so she wasn't there, but the owner of the studio was. The roundabout connection happened a  year ago when Casey, the owner was out of town on the date I was to teach, so Richele hosted the event. This time, Richele put it all together but Casey hosted me at her space on Friday.

Casey was one of the first Nia trainers I'd ever met besides Debbie and Carlos. This was back in 1997, when there were only a handful of trainers. I have seen Casey on videos and in publications and Nia things ever since, but haven't really seen her in person in a long time. Maybe only once since that very first time. And it felt like we were old friends when we saw each other in the parking lot today.

The studio is ... well not in the let's say... its in da hood.

But painted on the building is this cool mural of yoga poses and positive thoughts. A nice addition to any ghetto, I'd think.
We had an extra fifteen minutes for class today at Nia & Yoga for Life, so I added some FloorPlay at Casey's request. I added the Goldfinger instrumental, thinking it would be a fun throwback to the last time I was here.
But I couldn't figure out how to change my playlist in the broken phone that I use as a music device. I could figure it out in my current phone, so I just used that.
Side note, I forgot to turn it on privacy, and wouldn't you know I get a phone call. I NEVER get phone calls. And then, after that, I get a text. Both events stop the music momentarily, but I kept the group going with my patter until it returned. We all laughed about it and then, during FreeDance, I slyly switched it to Do Not Disturb mode.

 Setting the focus, "Directions" and the intention "to Connect to Community"
Love that sweaty, post-Nia glow.

The next morning, I show up at Body Bliss, on my way out of Albany, bound for Manhattan. I stopped to spread some Woodstock love in Averill Park. Richele was already there and started showing me the temporary tattoos and 'make love-not war' buttons. There were also some huge peace sign earrings, but they kind of hurt to put on, and were big enough to break a tooth on.

We had a full room of Nia lovers. This class was special in that it was the closest, geographically, I was going to get to the original location. Woodstock, NY was about an hour away, but the actual festival ended up taking place in a different city called Bethel, which is almost three hours away from Averill Park.
Two of the students were actually there at the festival. The room was filled with the freedancing spirit immediately upon the first note of the music. The hour flew by far too quickly. I wanted to go on and on.

After class, the drive to Manhattan was easy sailing for about three hours, mostly on the Taconic State Parkway.


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