"My Recuperative Powers Are Legion"

A few days ago it started with a sore throat. Two days ago that became a stuffed up head and deep productive cough combined with a headache and lack of energy. I was sick.

I told a friend of mine and his response was "Your recuperative powers are legion."  Which is true. When I compare myself to other people, I tend to be the one who gets sick less frequently and who recovers more quickly. And I don't know if it's just my imagination or my bias, but when I do get sick, it seems that I get really sick. I don't just get the sniffles or feel kind of off kilter, but when I am sick, I'm thrashed.

Such was the case these past few days. But I was inspired by what my friend said and that became my mantra and my inspiration. One of the first things I do is to admit and accept that I am sick. I don't try to get on with my life. I don't go to work anyway. I don't trudge through like a hero, I curl up like a little baby and totally check out of life.

And this is just what I did.  Yesterday, I only got out of bed long enough to run to the store to get a fresh squeezed fruit and vegetable juice, and then a bit later to get a burrito. And of course, I took River out for several walks, but other than that I was in bed, under the covers, with the lights off and the curtains shut.

Right after I drank my juice I took one aspirin because my headache was piercing. And I fell asleep with my mantra running through my head: "my recuperative powers are legion".

I toyed with the idea of contacting my host in Portland, ME, where I was due to teach a playshop and a class the next day. She had informed me about a week ago that the number of students signed up were low and wondered if that was OK with me. I told her what I always tell my hosts when they say that to me, "Whoever shows up will have a great time."

But I was having second thoughts. At this point, just the idea of the two hour drive to Portland was more than I could fathom. Not to mention teaching a three hour workshop and then presenting the Orchestra routine and driving two hours back to Nashua.

But this morning I woke up and my head felt clear and free of pain. My energy seemed to be back. And although the cough was still lingering, it wasn't as insistent as it had been.

The day of rest, lots of water and little food, as usual, did its magic. Compared to yesterday I feel like a million bucks and I'm looking forward to my gig in Portland. I'm not 100% myself yet, and who knows, after today, I might go into a bit of relapse. But that's fine because after this I have two more days off before I have to work again. If need be, I can spend one of those days in 'recuperative' mode.


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