Colorado Triple Header PART THREE: Chilling in Denver, Amazing in Boulder

I got to sleep in late today, which I love.

The shades in these Motel 6 rooms keep out ALL the light, so it's very easy to sleep well into the mid-morning. Usually the housekeeping staff would be knocking on my door, but this location seems to operate on a later schedule than the typical Motel 6. It seems they don't even start until almost ten and, like last night, are still busy cleaning rooms as late as 6pm.

I made my coffee and then took River on a nice, long walk around the property. There's lots of grass, a hill, and even a little swamp to run around, so he had a lot of stuff to explore.

Then I took the opportunity of a day off in a major city to get some errands done. I drove around, filling up my gas tank, filling up my water jugs, and getting a burger for lunch. (Read about that here)

I allowed for traffic in Boulder on Sunday afternoon. I didn't get any, so I got to the studio plenty early.

We had a small group of passionate Boulderinos? Boulderites? I am not squelched by a small group. I still deliver everything I have and have just as good a time as when the room is full. As long as no one is a sour puss. One debbie downer can be like a stone in my shoe. So, much more important to me than the numbers of people there are in class, is the enthusiasm with which they come. Sure, it's nicer to be handed a bigger amount of money at the end of class, but I don't let the amount I'm being paid be a factor in determining how I feel about what I'm delivering. I often have some of my most intimate moments in smaller classes.

So we had a blast, the seven of us. Their faces at the end of class while they were thanking me was a huge reward. It was Amazing!

One of the students in class had lived in the three places I have lived. Goleta, Manhattan and Seattle. It was kind of weird. She also has pit bulls. So... we need to talk more.

It was her that gave River a spook before class. She didn't get the memo to ignore the dog and was presenting her hand to his cage for him to sniff. Well, he, of course, went into a frenzy of terror. But it was all cool. She backed off. And even afterwards, as we were leaving, she asked if she should move out of our path, but I told her she could stay. I walked River toward the door and as we passed her, he went to her and rubbed against her and started to rummage through her bag, so she seemed happy that he showed her that side of him.

Right after class, I could still feel the burger hanging out in my stomach, so I didn't go out to eat with the Diners, Marty and Jackie, my hosts. We chatted a bit in the lobby of their beautiful Nia-dedicated studio, Joy in Motion.  River stayed quietly in the crate the whole time.

No National Parks today. And no pictures, either.  We are resting up for a big long drive tomorrow and I'll be going to bed early tonight, too.

At least, I hope I will be. At the moment (and it's still early, only 9:30pm) there is a very loud gaggle of Mexican men having multiple loud conversations. It seems like they're shouting at each other from across the hall. There's a whole group of them, although the members of the group seem to come and go. This happened once before with a group of Mexican guys having a fiesta outside their motel room at midnight, with beer and a hibachi. I can't remember what town it was; I want to say it was in Venice, Florida.

I'm thankful that they're speaking Spanish and I don't know what they're talking about. It would be much worse if I had to hear all of their banalities.

I can't complain, though. I think that River was barking and howling while I was gone putting in the laundry and getting the wi-fi code from the slow and confused desk clerk. He doesn't like to hear loud guys' voices outside our room. When I'm around, he tolerates it, but I'm sure he gets really nervous about it when I'm gone for any length of time. I could be wrong, it could have been another dog, but I thought I recognized his 'voice' on my way back to the room. Of course, when I opened the door, he was calmly curled up like he'd been patiently waiting the whole time. Who knows, maybe he was.

Half an hour after writing all that, the fiesta broke up and all is silent out there. And I went to put the clothes in the dryer, and when I got back, River was calmly curled up, waiting. No barking.


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