Disruptive Late-night Visitor in Vermont and Downpour in Upstate New York

Last night, my colon started rumbling around bedtime. I guess I had eaten something bad and I was paying for it all night with frequent visits to spill my contents into the bowl. I was losing a lot of water and regretting whatever it was I had that was very spicy. My initial thought was something about the dominos order that I just finished. They took a long time to get to me and my BBQ chicken pizza was nearly cold by the time I ate it. But there was no heat in the dinner. The heat I was feeling seemed like it might have been from the salsa on the burger from lunch.  I also wondered if it was part of, or different than, the sickness I am currently recuperating from.

Whatever it was was ravaging my insides all night and into the morning. I got a fitful sleep, and I really missed having my fermented foods. I have a feeling if I had been keeping up with my high-bacteria diet, my digestive system would have plowed right through whatever took me down today.

In the morning, about 6am, I finally felt finished. I showered and had my coffee. lol You know I'm an addict when after a whole night of the runs, the first thing I do is have my morning coffee. It was delightful.

I took River for a walk, loaded the car and took off for New York. Today was going to be a short drive (only a couple of hours) to Albany, where I teach in the morning. Nothing really worth stopping for on the way, except the forest that I saw yesterday.

But as I was leaving Brattleboro, I realized that I recognized the road as I was on and knew there was a great burger place up head. So I decided to visit there for lunch.

It was a great burger with local vegetables, meat and cheese. Vermont is a very outdoorsy place and there are many places I saw that had outdoor dining areas. This was one of them, so River lied on the ground next to me as I ate my Vermont Cheddar CheeseBurger.

Was it any good?  Read here to find out.

It was a warm and sunny day, but not too hot. Very pleasant day for a scenic drive through more of the Green Mountain National Forest and through some of the cute small towns in Vermont. Like New Hampshire, the speed limits here feel very low to me. But it's OK because I'm in no hurry and there's plenty to look at.

Mark this day, as it is the first of the year that I saw some fall colors. Certain species of trees are beginning to show some yellow and red leaves. Otherwise, it was mostly still very green up here.

I headed back down through New York and in the city of Troy, the sky opened up and diluvial rains poured down.  Fortunately, it was only for brief periods that I was under sheets of pure water, but the rain stayed fairly steady for most of the day as I pulled into the Motel 6 in Albany.

Another thing that happened in Troy was that Babe joined me in middle-age. She, like me, just celebrated a milestone known as 'the big five oh'. I turned 50 in June and she passed 50,000 miles on her odometer. 22,300 of those miles were added in the last four months.

Once settled into the room in Albany I went out and fed River. The rain had stopped enough to make that a not unpleasant experience, though both of us were quite efficient about it and soon done and headed back inside.

My room has a refrigerator and a microwave and I'm going to be here for two nights, so I might go to the local healthy market and see if I can buy something I can store and cook here in the room.


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