Long-ways through Nebraska

Today was all about driving.

I got up fairly early and had my coffee.  The car was gassed and I had food in the cooler, so I was all ready to go as soon as I drank it.

Most of my ride looked basically like this.
 The first two hours were through northeastern Colorado and the next five hours, through Nebraska.

We stopped in Brule. I just liked the sound of the name. Like a combination of bile and drool. Great name for a town. River pooped in Brule and I ate my pizza left over from last night.

My heart skipped a beat at 3:04 Central Time when I was driving in the number one lane on I-80. This is about thirty miles west of Kearny. I didn't see until I was right by it, a police car parked in the center median. As I whizzed passed, I checked the speedometer and saw I was doing about 85.

In the rearview mirror, to my horror, the patrol car stepped into action, making a quick U-turn and getting on the highway. I discretely pulled ahead of another car in the second lane and slowed to the speed limit, 75 MPH. The cop mysteriously also pulled into the second lane but behind the car that was behind me.

We stayed in that formation for a while and I was sweating bullets, thinking I had just blown my perfect record. Suddenly the officer changed lanes and sped past us in pursuit of some unseen perp.

I let out a heaving sigh and thanked the officer for reminding me to watch my speed.

About a half hour later, as I was going through Kearney, I passed just about the only interesting thing on the whole 7 hour drive. The Archway Monument:

I got to Omaha and settled into my motel. This is a prison style motel, but all of them are in this part of the country. I've stayed here before. The internet is spotty and so are the walls. We have a good patch of grass for running around in. If the cicadas are this loud all night, I might have to close the window, which DOES open and DOES have a screen. YAY!!

There was a BrewBurger next door to the motel. I'm not sure if it's the same BrewBurger that I liked in Venice, Florida, but I tried it and wasn't too terribly disappointed.

I passed a sign that said 42 miles to a National Monument called Homestead, but I didn't want to stop on such a long driving day. It's only about 45 minutes from Lincoln so maybe I can stop there after class tomorrow....?


Anonymous said…
Always enjoy your comments and thanks for sharing. Also sharing 1984 photo--it doesn't seem that long ago to me, strong memories. :). Marcia Vigil

Haven'tused this before soI hope it goes through!

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