Feeling Sick in Nashua

Well, I suppose I deserve this. I've been paying about zero attention to the healthfulness of my diet while on the road. I opted to forego healthy eating in favor of ease and convenience (like most Americans) and now I'm paying the price with my health (like most Americans).

I suppose I have to admit I thought I was a bit bulletproof. I've gotten used to enjoying glowing good healthy and a robust immune system, that I forgot that it's not just a free gift from heaven, but something that I earn through watching my nutrition and being sure to eat complete, well-rounded and wholesome meals made from fresh foods.

It started a couple of days ago with a sore throat, and then last night the mucus started flowing. Today I'm suffering with a full blown head cold and my energy is zapped. I also get super cranky when I'm sick, so don't start anything with me right now. My sinuses are full and inflamed and I'm producing phlegm faster than I can blow it out. My nose is raw from so much blowing and I'm about to run out of toilet paper.

Fortunately, I don't have any classes or traveling scheduled for today so I can stay in bed. I ran out of water, so I do need to go out and refill at the market so I can properly chase this bug away by drinking copious amount of water.

I also stopped at a store on the way back and picked up some freshly squeezed juice. I opted for the super green, which is Celery, cucumbers, ginger, lemon, kale, spinach and apple.

About now is when I really wish I had access to all of my homemade goodies like my beet kvass, turmeric sauerkraut, bone broth or kombucha. But, of course, if I had been using any of those things and eating more sensibly, I probably wouldn't be in this situation in the first place.

But alas, now I'm just going to be spending my whole day right here:
I have some things planned for tomorrow, so this is my last full day of recuperation.
I hope my next entry brings better news from the road.


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