Leaving Missouri for Iowa

My plan was to go to Cedar Rapids, IA today and do my laundry. Something told me to call ahead, so I did and found out that they don't have a guest laundry facility. So I had to do my laundry in Kansas City before I left. It was almost check-out time when this realization hit me, and the housekeeper was knocking on the door as I gathered my clothes.

Long story short, I ended up getting to stay an extra hour in the room, even though the wash and dry cycle took about 90 minutes. They wanted to get the housekeepers out of there, I guess. There were a lot of vacant rooms, so maybe they can't afford to have the housekeepers work full days.

Anyway, I had enough time to do my wash and had my clothes in the dryer before I turned in my key. I waited the last twenty minutes in the laundry room. River was lying on my luggage, under the table.

Why am I talking about my laundry, you may be wondering???  Good question.  I guess it's because I drove from Kansas City to Cedar Rapids, IA today. And it was dull. I didn't take any pictures nor was I compelled to stop at all.

Well, I did stop for gas, in Cameron. The first pump I went to didn't work, so I drove around to another pump. And this is the exciting kind of day I had.

Oh! this is kind of cool... Somewhere around Bethany, MO, my trip odometer rolled over again! So now I've driven over 20,000 miles on this trip, since April 30. And I still have almost two full months to go. The main odometer on the car is now at 47,770 and I'm averaging 39.6 MPG.

Once I passed into Iowa, I started getting hungry and wanted to find a burger. There wasn't much going on unless I wanted to eat Wendy's or McDonald's or the like. Which I didn't, so I waited until I got to Des Moines, where there were a few choices that looked good. I went to one that looked like fun. Zombie Burger + Drink Lab has a zombie movie theme and some really creative burgers on the menu. So I set my navigation for that!

It started pouring rain on my way into Des Moines. It rained, off and on the whole time I approached the city and drove through it. It stopped just as I was pulling up to the corner where Zombie Burger "lived".  I found a spot right on the corner with 41 minutes left on the meter, so I took it and took the opportunity to walk and feed River. It was still sprinkling, but had been super hot and humid all day, so it actually felt really good. We both just stood there in the rain, letting it hit us.

I left him in the car with the window down as I went in to order my burger to go. Then I went back to the car and brought him back to the restaurant because they said he could sit at the table with me on the patio. Since it had just been pouring rain, it was all wet except for the few chairs that were under the small building eave. So we had the whole patio to ourselves. River lied at my feet while I chowed down on my Dead Moines burger.

It was another two hours, still to Cedar Rapids. It wasn't a particularly long day of driving, but it seemed so. I guess it had to do with the fact that it was all flat and straight and not particularly aesthetic.

I'll be chilling out here until I teach on Friday. Time to catch up on my naps and daytime TV shows.


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