State Highway Signs

Each state has a different design for the signs that indicate official State Highways.
 Some are bland shapes, like the squares of Illinois
and Texas
which is only different because the outline is thicker in Texas (of course).
But the most boring square is Connecticut

Or there are the circles of Kentucky
and New Jersey
I can't even tell the difference between those two!

And there are lots of variations on the rounded corner rectangle, but my favorite of the shapes is Wisconsin. Kudos for combining a rectangle and a triangle.

Vermont brings a little more creativity to the shape concept and adds color to the rectangle.
I don't know what's going on with Alaska, but I love it.

And some of my other favorites are downright artistic like in New Mexico
or in Kansas

A lot of them have silhouettes of people or things, like Washington state has George Washington

Utah has a beehive
And North Dakota has a Native American.

Several of the states use an image of the outline of their state, like
 Idaho, (which also includes the name of the state in writing)
Florida, although some of the outline is artistically only implied
Some of the signs have an outline of things I haven't quite figured out yet.
Pennsylvania has a 'keystone' ?

New York?  what is that, an open book?
Nebraska is one of my favorites, with a full scene emblazoned on it.
But I also like the ones that are really colorful, like of course, Colorado

and California
My vote for the saddest one goes to New Hampshire, which features a natural rock formation that no longer exists.
A surprise favorite of mine is Wyoming, which features a bright yellow color, the name of the state in writing, and a little silhouette of a cowboy on a wild horse. It's awesome.

And Minnesota is a close relative, with the state name, and shape on a bi-color background.
I know I didn't hit them all, but I think it's fun to notice the differences and similarities. One of the many ways I occupy my mind while I drive all across the country.


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