Rocky Mountain National Park

I was up early for the second day in a row. This is not a good look for me.
But it was worth it for the day I had!
First, a quick drive to Lyons where I got to teach Orchestra to a big enthusiastic group of Nia veterans at Mayama Studio, hosted by Jasmine.  A couple of Nia pals, Craig and Robin, who missed me in Leavenworth because they weren't in town, surprised me when they pulled up in the parking lot today. It took me a moment to allow them into my brain, as they were out of context. But they said they wanted to catch me here as it was close to a trip they were already taking.

After class, Jasmine let me use her microwave and I heated up the leftover Indian food from yesterday. And I changed into some dry clothes. And then I packed River into the car and we hit our next national park. Today's adventure, Rocky Mountain National Park, inspired me to write this song:

Old Fall River Road

I drove up to the clouds today
It was a cool 42 degrees.
Frozen fog sandblasted my face
As I looked down at the tops of trees.

Thrilling. Emotionally fulfilling.

I took an unpaved mountain road
one lane; one way; up only.
inches between cliff and rock face
sometimes zero visibility

Stunning. Dangerous. Adventure.

I'll definitely be going back to
Rocky Mountain National Park, woo hoo!
The biggest surprise I've had all year.
Immersed in all this and waterfalls too.

River and I both have strong reactions to this river. We walked the opposite direction from everyone else in the full parking lot, and at first River wanted to run around, but eventually he settled down and we sat at the bank of this serene river and enjoyed being alive.
We only covered a small portion of the park, but this road was the bomb. It was truly one of the most exciting things I've done while driving a car. I would do it again. And I would want to do it again as long as I still had my Mini Cooper or a small vehicle, because I don't think it could be done in an RV.
And it might be a little bit more fun and safer in a four-wheel-drive.


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