Woodstock in Lincoln

I'm in Omaha but teaching an early class in Lincoln, so I'm up before the sun to get ready. It's an uneventful 45 minute drive so I arrive at the studio with lots of time to take River for a stroll around the grounds.

Holly is on vacation (on a cruise, I believe) so I got to teach her 8am Nia class at Hart Dance Academy. Jean was my host in her absence. We did the Woodstock experience and there was SO MUCH TIE DYE!  One chick even had groovy green glasses, man. And another one had a week-old baby with her. So darn close to one of my Nia Woodstock benchmarks, which is that people were having babies. I understand today's baby arrived a week early. Probably didn't want to miss my class.

There was a new student in class who came with her friend. She seemed to be having a good time, dancing freely, smiling. I wondered what it would be like to have this as your first Nia class. You definitely get a sense of the freedom allowed in Nia, which I think is a big part of it. I bet, in her next class, she won't experience quite as much freedom.

What I love about this routine is teaching it 'amongst' the students rather than at the front of them. Not because it's such a better way of teaching, but because it's new to me and it creates a different vibe for the class. A vibe that I like. A touch of chaos and of being unattached to decorum. A vibe of playfulness and camaraderie.
After class a handful of us went to a cafe called The Mill a few blocks away and set up some chairs outside. One of the students got me a really yummy locally made scone and a black coffee. And we sat and talked about dogs and traveling and Nia and Seattle and theater and how certain people are attracted to mountains, and some to the desert. Some are prairie folk and some need to be near the water. So it's good that we have such a diverse land to accommodate all those people who need to be out the middle of the plains and those who need to have waves crashing nearby.

I decided to skip out on visiting Homestead National Monument after what I read online about it and talking to some of the locals. It didn't seem like something I do with River in tow. So I just went back to Omaha to take a nap.


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