Transformation 2011 - Day 4

My workout today was intense. I was sore before I began, but it was only slightly uncomfortable and only during my warm-up movements. Once I got into it, I was OK. I repeated my workout from yesterday but with more intensity. I got a good pump in my chest, which was what I was mainly focused on. After a workout like todays, I've earned a rest tomorrow.

9:00am Breakfast:

Large chicken breast
3 scrambled eggs
a bowl of oatmeal
with butter and cinnamon

Afterwards, I felt full and satisfied. My goal was to go through my morning, working at the Body Tuning studio until 1pm, and then coming home and doing my workout before feeling hungry again. I was successful. I'm liking this "Eating breakfast like a king" philosophy.

I had plenty of energy for my workout at 2:00.

Afterwards, I quickly had a brown rice protein powder drink and a tablespoon of cashew butter.

After I took a shower and got cleaned up, I finally had a full meal. It was 5:00 before I finally had dinner. And this is bad. This is under-eating, and it will hinder my progress. The best way to gain muscle and lose fat is to eat regularly; about every three or four hours, depending on how high your metabolism is. Mine is on the higher side, so I need to eat about every three hours for the best results.

My main problem at this point is lack of planning. But I'm not going to worry about it. I'm going to take it one step at a time. If I waited until I had everything ready to go, I would never get started. But by starting first and fixing it later, I've already gotten into my workouts and have been eating only healthy foods for the last four days. So, in this case, doing something is better than doing nothing.

This is Thursday. I may have some time tomorrow, but if not, I will definitely have time on Saturday to buy some groceries so my kitchen will be better stocked.

5:00pm Dinner:

Kobe beef patty
cup of quinoa
yogurt and flaxseed meal with cinnamon

Another pretty major thing that I've noticed about today is that I haven't had any vegetables or fruits. I consider those the most important types of food. So, I'll have to make a point of having a bunch of vegetables either later tonight or tomorrow.

I came home from rehearsal around 11pm, famished again.  This isn't good.

I had a couple of hard boiled eggs and a couple handfuls of almonds, but I really don't think I ate enough today.  It's a common error made by people who are trying to lose weight, but it's really shooting yourself in the foot.  Of course, this is just from lack of planning, but my body doesn't care, it's still going to be hungry, and if I don't feed it properly, it will catabolize, which means it will use my muscle as fuel and that will lower my metabolism and increase my likelihood of retaining fat. 

What I should have done, was packed a small meal to eat at the theater around 8 or 9. Ok, so I'm adjusting along the way.



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