Transformation 2011 - Day 27

Sunday morning, oatmeal before Nia class.
Had lots of energy for class, but my voice seemed tired.
After class, I made a vegetable cinnamon curry with sliced carrots, diced cauliflower and wilted spinach and the rest of the sliced flank steak.
When I was about to leave for the matinee, I knew I was going to need more food, so I made a snack of walnuts, cucumbers and dulse. 
During the show, of course, I had those three or four peanuts and a glass of grape juice posing as wine. Immediately after the show I drank a glass of chia seed gel so that my stomach wouldn’t be full, but I’d have energy for the upcoming workout.
While I was doing my workout, My goal was consciously going as fast I could without losing control or neglecting my conscious alignment. I was working hard yesterday on getting all the moves ergonomically correct, and today was about blasting them out. 
It turned out that, my focus on keeping my neck aligned and my upper back relaxed was really taking a lot of the ooomph out of me today. Which is fine. I still pushed myself to a limit. It was probably actually better, in the long run that it didn’t turn out to be as “Balls to the Walls” as I had intended. 
The true test was the feeling I had afterwards. After my moderate workout yesterday,  I felt energized and had kind of a buzz.  But after today’s workout my buzz was more mellow. I felt really drained, exhausted and relaxed. 
There was no sign of any misalignment and resultant pain or weirdness, which was nice. I attribute that to the pro-active role I took in taking care of my body and spending the time and money on seeing Shmuel to tune my body before plowing forward with my workouts. 
I learned a lot from those two visits with Shmuel. One of them was that I should really be seeing him on a regular basis, considering how active I am. 
Anyway, after my workout, I had a big mixed green salad and a roasted chicken breast. 
Then, about three hours later, I was ravenous again, so I ate a whole bunch of trail mix with mixed nuts and dried fruit and even an occasional chocolate chip.


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