Transformation 2011 - Day 11

Today is my moderate workout day.  The only time I had to workout is after my 2 oclock client.  So I had to delay eating my lunch until after I work out.  I’d rather not do it with food in my stomach.  When I got home, I had some chia seed get, then I worked out and then I ate.  My workouts are getting easier.  I’m going to have to increase the sophistication of some of the movements. 
I want to start doing my workouts in the morning. I know this is the best time of the day for many reasons.  The earlier I work out, the longer I can spend enjoying the ‘aftereffects’ of my workout during the day.   Working out in the morning also frees up the rest of my day to do other things.
I made a date with a friend to meet at his place for my work out.  Bringing someone else into it is the only way it would work for me.  When I’m in bed, especially on these cold mornings, it takes more than just the desire to work out early to actually get me out of bed.  But making a commitment to my friend will definitely get me out.  I’m not the type of person to make a plan with someone and then flake out. 
So, we’ll see how it goes tomorrow.
I started off the day with a big breakfast:

10:00 am:
a sweet potato and some leftover spicy chicken breast/garbanzo bean melange
1:30 pm:
chia seed gel

I worked out at 3:00. I did my moderate workout and it felt really good.  It was almost getting easy.  It’s amazing to think that I’m doing the same movements I did about a week ago, because when I first started doing them, they were quite challenging.  Now I’m thinking I’m going to have to up the intensity just to remain challenged. 
This goes to show how well I’m adapting to the movements. I’m getting stronger, more flexible and improving my cardio vascular fitness.  I’m recovering from the workouts much more quickly, too.  It’s almost as if I didn’t even really work out. 
I’m looking forward to really ‘pouring on the juice’ tomorrow.  I hope the early morning thing doesn’t hinder my energy.
Post workout meal (late lunch)
grass fed beef burger patty
carrots & broccoli
cup of quinoa
I ate a mango backstage.
came home from the theater hungry...
brazil nuts
chia seeds
acai berry smoothy mix


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