Transformation 2011 - Day 17

I woke up this morning sore from yesterday’s workout and famished. So I had a bowl of oatmeal, to which I added a bit of coconut oil, cinnamon and salt.
I won’t work out today, since it’s my rest/recovery day.
At 12:30 I had lunch:
a pan seared pork chop on a bed of romaine lettuce and radicchio with black beans and yogurt on the side.
I didn’t get a chance to eat again until dinnertime, which is unusual.  And I taught a Nia class at six.  So, when I came home, I was really hungry.  I liked what I had for lunch so much that I decided to have it again.  (That, and the fact that I needed to eat up anything that was perishable until I could get refrigeration again.)
So for dinner, I had another pork chop, but this time, I mixed the yogurt with walnuts and beets.  I like making that. The beets turn the yogurt a bright fuchsia color and makes this easily the gayest dish I make.   I had the pork chop on a bed of lettuce and radicchio and covered it with black beans.  I also had a slice of ezekiel bread with it.
Then, later I snacked on cashews and almonds before bed.


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