Transformation 2011 - Day 19

Today got off to a bad start because the guy who was going to have me over to work out, had to cancel on me.  I was going to meet him uptown and crank out my intense workout and then come back and have my breakfast, all before noon. 
But when he cancelled, I didn’t have a place to go. And I didn’t want to do it at home, so I had to scramble to find a different place.  Since it was about 15 degrees out and the ground was covered with ice, it had to be an indoor location. Otherwise I’d just have gone to the park, which I love to do.  But instead, I started to contact all of my friends who are supportive of my ‘lifestyle’ and finally found someone who was around and willing to let me come over and do my workout at their place.
All of this took more time than I had planned, so it sort of screwed up my eating schedule. I hadn’t eaten anything but one glass of chia seed gel before my intense workout.  And my stomach was growling a bit, but I knew it would be much better not to have food in my stomach for such an intense workout. 
Finally, I finished working out at around 12:30 and then I came home and dug into the steak that I had prepared before working out.  It was cold by this time, but I felt like an animal from exerting myself so fully for the 45 minutes of my workout, that I just grabbed  the meat and ate it, cold, with my hands. 
After eating my meat, I treated myself to one of those little vanilla bean scones from Starbucks.
Then, a bit later in the afternoon, I made a second pot of coffee and had a second cup with a chocolate brownie.  It is extremely rare that I would ever have more than my one daily morning cup of coffee, which I do have, but only after drinking a full glass of water.  I only use the darkest roasted beans I can find. Currently I’ve been using Starbucks French Roast because I can’t find anything darker. I only grind the beans just before I make each cup. I make very strong coffee (not for the timid) and only drink it black. 
At 4:30, I had a chicken mole burrito from the best burrito place in the city, which was closed for about a month due to a fire in a higher floor of that building. I assume there was smoke or water damage. But now La Paloma is open again, so I ordered a Chicken Mole Burrito which has rice and obviously is wrapped in a flour tortilla; two things I don’t typically eat.  But it was really nice to have La Paloma back!
I had some oatmeal creme cookies at the theater, and after the show had some cookies and ice cream. 
Then, later I also had a peanut butter and honey sandwich.
Well that was fun, but tomorrow I’m back to eating sensibly again. 


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