Transformation 2011 - Day 9

Enjoying another rest day today.  I’m feeling really good about the way my workouts are progressing, and although I’m not ready to make an official assessment until tomorrow, it seems like my body is changing a little bit already.
Today I’ll do a joint flow similar to Day 1. And despite all of my hard work yesterday, I don’t feel like I’m going to be sore today. My body is adapting to this work load.
I’m going to spend the time I would have spent exercising today, going shopping.  I made a list of some superfoods I want to have around the house, so I’ll stock up my healthy kitchen even further. 
I looked up some of the healthiest foods to eat and found a list on Web MD of ten basic foods that are packed with nutrition.  I found this link: And in reading it, I learned that I already have 7 of the 10 in my cupboard.  So the only things I need to add are broccoli, beans and oatmeal.
I checked another website; The Center for Science in the Public Interest. And the list of superfoods there is pretty similar, but offered two suggestions that WebMD did not. I’m not sure mangos are going to be in season, but if I can find some, I’ll add those to my list.  And it might be good to have some of those crispbreads around because I don’t tend to eat many grains, and they might be a good way to get some. I do eat quinoa, which seems like a grain, but it is technically a seed.  
Just for fun, I’m going to check another source to get ideas for super healthy foods. I found a website for the movie “Food Matters” (which, if you haven’t seen, I highly recommend) and that gave me a lot more good ideas, so I’m going to add honey, goji berries, coconut oil, dulse (seaweed) and ginger to my list. 
So my list is:
rye crisp breads
goji berries
coconut oil
I’m just getting one piece of meat at the store because I’ll also place an order for the rest of my meat from a farm where they raise all of the animals in pastures and feed them the foods that they would naturally eat.  I try to stick to eating meat that was raised this way as opposed to the modern, factory-like processing plant.  If you’ve ever seen the way the vast majority of chickens and cows are raised in this country and how they live their lives, you may think twice about eating them.  I feel it’s much healthier to eat animals that have had good lives than to eat animals who’s existence was filled with terror and pain.  Check out Fleisher’s Farm.
And today’s video is a quick demonstration of how I prepare my kitchen to be a place that supports my healthy eating lifestyle. 

Breakfast - three fried eggs with pepper jack cheese and a zucchini.
Lunch - salmon fillet on a bed of mixed baby greens and herbs
olive oil and vinegar, and two slices of Ezekiel sprouted grain bread
Snack - half a banana, handful of brazil nuts and a handful of goji berries
Dinner - diced, sauteed chicken breast with chickpeas in a hot spicy pepper sauce, sweet potatoes and a salad of mixed greens, dulse, cashews and cucumbers with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and some italian seasoning
Snack - walnuts and cashews, bananas and peanut butter, yogurt and honey



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