Linda's Body Tuning Experience

Linda is 40 years old and has been suffering from chronic back pain since she was 17.  She says that her back has been in constant pain for these past 23 years. She’s been to doctors, massage therapists, chiropractors, physical therapists and tried many other methods and modalities over the years, in an effort to find relief.
Still her back would be constantly stiff and achy, and she’d very often have pain and her back would go into full spasm about once every few months or so. 
Ten years ago, she started to teach yoga.  Even this ancient practice, believed by many to be the panacea for any kind of physical ailment, didn’t do much to relieve her pain and discomfort. She kept on bracing herself and bearing the pain.
The professionals that she saw never offered her much in the way of relief, hope or even insight into what was going on in her back.  Some told her they didn't know what it was, some said nothing could be done and some said it was arthritis, but she instinctively didn’t feel like any of that was correct. So her search for relief continued.
By luck, she happened to read an article about Shmuel Tatz, who practices a technique called Body Tuning. The article reminded her that she had heard someone mention his name before and say that he had helped with her pain a great deal.  So Linda looked up Dr Tatz and found his Body Tuning office on West 60th St. and Ninth Avenue in Manhattan.
After her very first session of Body Tuning, she said her body felt different.  He was able to locate tension in her body that no one had before. His unique work, as Linda describes it, “unlocked” her body and finally started to lay the groundwork for her healing. 
She was delighted to find that working with Dr Tatz and Body Tuning has not only freed her up physically, but has also triggered a whole deeper level of somatic awareness and learning.  She became intimately aware of how easy it can be to get into an unconscious holding pattern or compensation pattern in your body, which if left unaddressed will eventually lead you into pain.
Linda says she now even teaches yoga differently based on her experiences of working with Body Tuning.  She is more aware of how to detect and prevent her own, as well as her students’ physical holding patterns and how to consciously unlock them.
Linda’s pain and holding patterns have been going on for over two decades, so it will take a while to completely undo all of the misalignment and become completely pain free.  But Linda now feels like she’s finally on a path that will eventually lead to a full recovery.  She is so happy to have found Shmuel and looking forward to finally being comfortable in her body. 
I asked her if she had any idea how long the entire process will take.  She said that Dr. Tatz doesn’t make any estimates of that nature, but when I asked her what her intuition was telling her, she said she felt like she was going to be seeing him for eight more months.  That would make about a year in total.  But for someone who has been in pain for 23 years, spending just under a year doing a bit of self care is a small price to pay for relief. 

Dr Tatz accepts most insurance and is conveniently located in the heart of Manhattan, near Columbus Circle. His training was mostly in Israel, where massage therapy is an important part of a Physical Therapy degree curriculum. (which is not the case for PTs trained in the USA.) He has worked, for the past 40 years, from 8am to 6pm, Monday thru Friday. 

Take a lesson from Linda, and don't wait until you've been in pain for 27 years before you seek out what will truly finally offer you relief. The longer  you live with the pain, the longer it will take to cure. Tell your friends not to suffer in pain anymore.  Tell them about Shmuel Tatz and Body Tuning; they'll love you for it. 



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