Transformation 2011 - Day 6

Today is day six of my transformation.  So far, it’s going really well.  I have to admit that YOU, dear reader, have been instrumental in keeping me on track.  Throughout the week there has been one or two occasions that I really wanted to just stop at the store and buy some ice cream or cookies and eat them where no one could see me.  But knowing that I was writing everything I ate in my blog prevented me from doing so.  Being accountable to someone is very helpful in creating lifestyle habit changes.  So, thank you!
Today is a Low Intensity workout day.  I’ll spend about ten minutes doing a basic yoga sequence, similar to what I showed you on Day 2. There is nothing magic or special about the sequence I did on Tuesday; it just happens to be what I did.  I was careful to choose an appropriate variety of poses so that they moved all of my body parts and they moved me in all of directions of movement (forwards, backwards, lateral and twisting). I may do the same sequence today, or I may change it up.  But since I already have it written down on the piece of paper I showed you, I’ll probably just do that same sequence again. I usually stick with one routine for the month and make a new one for the next month. 

I did my yoga at the theater, back stage, before my entrance.  It only takes ten minutes and its not strenuous at all. It really makes me feel so much better. 
Also, today is Saturday.  Which means it’s a ‘cheat day’ for me. I can eat anything I want today, with no remorse.  I earn this day by being ‘good’ the other six days of the week.  This doesn’t mean I can gorge. Over-eating is different than ‘cheating.’ I still don’t want to over-eat.  But I can have cake and cookies and ice-cream or a hamburger and french fries or a milkshake.  There’s nothing off limits. This is a very important part of my diet plan.  Without this day once a week, I don’t think I’d last more than two weeks. Having my cheat day is what allows me to make this a part of my way of life, rather than something I could only endure for a few weeks.
Have you noticed that I’m not measuring my progress every day? I haven’t even gauged my progress yet. I’m going to wait until Day 10 to do any sort of assessment; I know these things take time. It’s frustrating to do the work and to feel like nothing is happening, so I don’t even want to look until there’s a pretty good chance that I’ll see some results. I always discourage my clients from daily weigh-ins, or from being too hung up on constantly checking in.  I even once told my client to throw his scale away, because he couldn’t resist weighing himself all the time. And I could see it was consuming him and a source of great frustration. So, I say to focus all of your energy on the process itself, and then, check in at a predetermined date.  In this case: Ten days.
Today was also a shopping day.  I wanted to stock my kitchen with super foods and healthy snacks.  It will make my life so much easier and healthier to be properly armed. I got some ground 'grass-fed' beef and I bought got all organic produce. I got bananas, blueberries, broccoli, carrots, cucumbers, kale, squash, sweet potatoes and zucchini. Also I got 2 dozen free range eggs, some wild salmon filets, a lot of Greek yogurt, a whole lot of nuts: cashews, almonds and walnuts and some dried, turkish apricots with no preservatives. 
When I walk into my kitchen, I don’t want to have any choices that aren’t healthy.  So, on my cheat days, I have to go out to get whatever I want. Like today...
I had a scone and a little donut for breakfast. I got them from Starbucks (who, for the past year, claim to be committed to selling only foods that are free of hydrogenated fats,high fructose corn syrup, and artificial dyes and flavors). 
Then for lunch, two slices of pizza from Two Boots. “the Dude” and “Newman”
For my snack I had a coconut dream bar from Amy’s Bread. I always forget how sweet those are. I think they’d be better without the chocolate chips. 
My dinner was a Double Cheese Burger with Fries from Lucky Burger on  W. 52 St. 
During the show, I snacked on some Little Debbie’s Cookies and Snack Bars, which are completely disgusting, but they taste good.
Are you shocked?  :)


Alya said…
lol, Jason. When you go all out, you go all out:)
this is true. I do everything all the way, or not at all.
Amy said…
what do you mean, "they are completely disgusting, but they taste good"?
I know, that's a crazy sentence. But I mean, that they 'are' disgusting, not that they 'taste' disgusting. I actually like the way they taste, but they're made with the worst, most unhealthy ingredients that the law allows. And that's disgusting.

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