Transformation 2011 - Day 12

My alarm went off at 6:55am.  It was very cold and still dark outside. It was so tempting to roll back up under the covers and sleep for another four hours, but I knew my friend was waiting for me to show up at 8 for my workout, so I got up and headed out.
It wasn’t as hard as I thought.  Once I got up and out, I forgot how early it was.  During the workout, I wouldn’t have remembered that it was early in the morning, except for when my friend asked me if I noticed any ill effects from the morning workout.  I did feel like I was a bit weaker than usual, but I was also aware that it was less than 24 hours since my last workout, so it might also be that I cut my recovery short by a little bit. 
All in all, I’m glad I did it.  I do feel a bit more tired today than I would typically.  But maybe I can use the time I would normally be working out to take a short nap.  LOL So in that case, I'm not sure I’m saving any time by doing the early morning workout, if it’s going to require me to take a nap.  But I could also be tired because I did stay out late for the past two nights. Getting to bed at 2am really does hinder anyone’s energy output during the day.
As always, I video taped myself working out.  I do this so I can be my own coach. It’s really hard to objectively observe my form and to really be a good trainer for myself in the heat of the moment of my workouts, but by taping myself, I can watch it later and give myself my full attention and make any adjustments I notice I need.
I have often called my workouts the “warrior” workout, or myself the “naked warrior.”  The idea being that the warrior needs to be in top condition, and if his body is strong and supple and his mind was sharp and his body and mind are well integrated, then he wouldn’t need to use weapons, or armor or shields, or even clothes.  He’d be a terrific warrior, even naked; hence, “The Naked Warrior.”
So my friend and I are toying around with my ‘warrior’ costume.  He’s been making me loincloths and wraps and things and we’re just goofing off and having some fun with it.  I am real big on making your workouts fun, which is why I teach Nia and why I like to crack jokes in class.  I do have a tendency to take my own workouts very seriously, so I like that my friend is helping me make a game out of it by dressing me up as the warrior. 
It works for me, so that’s what I do.  Some people play music, I guess I get more involved by playing a whole role, complete with costume. 
Here’s what I ate today...
9:00am: Post Workout
2 sweet potatoes
2 hard boiled eggs
handful of blueberries
1:00pm:  Lunch
handful of brazil nuts
large bowl of oatmeal with
coconut oil, goji berries, cinnamon and honey
3:00pm Snack
banana and cashews
8:00 pm Dinner:
half an acorn squash
a handful of dulse 
a handful of walnuts
handful of blueberries
11:00 pm Post Theater snack:
handful of cashews
hard boiled egg
piece of ezekiel bread with butter



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Cool. C. Little Horse
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very hot

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