Transformation 2011 - Day 15

Today I woke up and started with a handful of cashews.
I didn’t have my breakfast right away, which is something I like to do.  I feel like since I haven’t eaten since the night before that getting food in me is a priority. unless I’m going to work out first thing in the morning, in which case, I’ll probably just have a small snack or a glass of chia seed gel.
But finally, when I did make my breakfast, I made
two fried eggs
a large helping of mixed kale and beet greens sauteed with olive oil and cayenne pepper
and half an avocado.
Then I started my weekly “Creating The Healthy Kitchen” ritual like I demonstrated in the video from Day 9.
But today, I baked three sweet potatoes, boiled two bunches of beets, cooked up a pot of black beans, and roasted a whole chicken.
So, by three this afternoon, my refrigerator was stocked with food that’s quick and healthy and delicious.  
But then, I lost it.  Yes, my refrigerator died. So, change of plans. haha
I quickly had to put all of the meat outside in the freezing cold and put my cooked chicken in tupperware, inside a big pan surrounded by blue ice to keep it until I can eat it in the morning. I had also stocked up and had two and a half large cups of Fage yogurt left which I’ll have to eat pretty quickly, now.  I put it in the freezer, which is slowly dropping to the temperature of a refrigerator. 
Then I did my moderate workout, which I thought I had set my camera to record, but when I was finished, I saw that it hadn’t been recording.  I wanted to record parts of it, because I thought maybe it would be interesting to compare how my technique has improved since earlier this month.  I guess I’m not having a great day with my appliances, today. 
For dinner I had the rest of my radicchio, chick pea, and cucumber salad, black beans, sweet potato and a leg and thigh from the roasted chicken. The rest of the beans and sweet potatoes should be ok sealed from the oxygen for a couple of days when I’ll be able to eat them.
Later in the evening, after having taught a class and gone to my friends house for an evening of playing cards, I came home and I had one of my sundaes with yogurt, acai smoothie mix, blueberries, kiwis, bananas, walnuts and chia seeds. And I also had some extra cashews and a slice of Ezekiel bread.


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