Transformation 2011 - Day 14

Started today with a glass of chia seed gel before heading to Nia class.
I substituted my Nia class for the yoga sequence today.  It gives me the same results; it releases my body’s tightness and unlocks my joints.  
After class, I made a big bowl of oatmeal with blueberries, goji berries, coconut oil and cinnamon and some fried eggs with zucchini
I had a handful of brazil nuts mid afternoon, backstage at my matinee.
Then, for dinner at around seven, I had a big mixed green salad with sliced tomatoes, grilled chicken breast and oil and vinegar dressing. 
Found that I was hungry again at nine, though, so I had a hard boiled egg, a mango and a bowl of yogurt with a teaspoon of honey.
Oh, I want to tell you about my honey.  I bought the most organic, natural, etc, etc, honey I could find.  And maybe I went too far, because i wasn’t prepared for what I saw when I opened the jar.  There was a layer of bee parts on the top of the jar.  And I guess there were bits of honeycomb mixed in, as well.  I did see on the label where this honey has never been heated, which I know reduces its medicinal benefits, and never strained.  I don’t know why it’s good not to strain honey, but I do know that I’d rather not have had the layer of dead bee parts in my honey.  And its not just that I’m squeamish (I’ll admit, I am a bit) but this layer also smelled.  It smelled awful; like decay.  I think it was the smell of dead bees.   Anyway, I scraped that layer off and threw it away and now my honey is fine.
It’s a bit thicker than I like though.  I can’t drizzle it on my yogurt. It’s really thick.  It doesn’t come off the spoon, but in a big chunk.  I suppose I could heat it, which would make it flow much better, but then the healthy properties are diminished.
What I ended up doing was holding the spoonful of honey up close to the stove as I used the burner to heat up my water. (I was making some ginger ‘tea’)  This got the honey soft enough to (VERY SLOWLY) drip off the spoon onto my yogurt.
Tomorrow I will do my moderate workout.  I’m still sore from my intense early-morning workout on Friday, but I hope that will be gone in the morning.  I’m not doing a morning workout tomorrow.  I’ll do it at three pm.


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